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Qwickly Course Tools allows you to manage tasks across multiple courses in Brightspace.
Grade book training for all faculty.
OPEN LABS are for faculty needing assistance with Brightspace courses or organizations.
For Web-Remote (Online via Zoom) or In-Person Courses, and Organization Leaders.
Using the Class Progress tool to access course grades and feedback related to course activities.
Links to D2L Brightspace Resources related to: Grades, Class Progress, Feedback & Rubrics
Using the export and import tools in Brightspace Grades
Changing quiz restircitions for one or more users in a course
Viewing past data for a withdrawn student
OIT 1 is for faculty who are developing their first online/hybrid course or are new to teaching online at HVCC.
Getting started and using Qwickly with your Brightspace course
Basic overview for Qwickly Course Tools
Removing items from the gradebook
Customize content for students using {Replace Strings}
Linking your discussion topic to a grade item or creating a grade item for your topic