Setting up Accommodations and Special Access



Classlist Accommodations Tool

The Accommodations tool allows you to grant a student additional time on Quizzes without adding special access to each quiz. This will apply the set accommodations to all of the quizzes. 

  • Provide quiz accommodations to student
    1. From Course Tools select Classlist
    2. Click the chevron to open the actions menu for a student and select Edit Accommodations
    3. Choose the accommodations that are appropriate or granted to that student. 
      • Quiz time multiplier
      • Allow extra time (minutes)
    4. Click Save
    5. There will now be an icon indicating that the student has a quiz accommodation applied
  • View students with accommodations
    1. From Course Tools select Classlist
    2. Click Show Search Options to expand the search options for the classlist
    3. Select the box to search Users with Accommodations
    4. Click the search icon, this will return any student in the class with accommodations set on the classlist level



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