Viewing Feedback for Gradable Activities

Beyond the grade on an activity in your course faculty will often leave additional feedback that is important to access and read. The following will show you where to check for that feedback. 

Class Progress Tool

The Class Progress tool is a one-stop-shop, centralized location to help you see your progress in a course as it progresses.  It breaks the entire course down in to assignment sections, discussion boards, objectives, surveys, and even how often you've accessed the course.  Your professor can see this information also, but this is a tool that usually isn't available to students, but in Brightspace, it is!

Where Do I Find It?

The main, and fastest, way to find the Class Progress tool is from the course navbar by selecting Course Tools and then choosing Class Progress on the menu as seen below.

Course Tools on navbar and Class Progress selected from the menu

What Does It Show Me?

This tool shows you a breakdown of every section of the course where there is work!   It shows you your overall course average as the course progresses.  Don't get nervous that this grade starts at 0 and climbs towards a 100! If there are graded items in a category, it also shows you your average just in that section so you have an accurate reflection of how you are doing.

Progress Summary page

Notice at the top of the page is an overall summary of your work in the course.  It not only shows you your current average, but based on the assignments that are left (if they are all in the course), what your maximum and minimum grade could be.  Now it is important to check this accuracy with your instructor as sometimes they won't have all of the assignments in the course from the very beginning.

As you move farther down the page, the navigation bar on the left is gone and your left with the remaining sections of the course.
   section of the course progress page

Can I Look at Individual Sections?

You absolutely can view individual sections.  The main screen you see is your overall course summary but you can view individual sections either by clicking on the blue section title in the summary area, or by clicking on the vertical list of sections along the left side you can access detailed information for activities listed in each area. As an example clicking on Quizzes will show you both the published scores received for quizzes and feedback given on those quizzes. 

  • Summary
  • Grades
  • Objectives
  • Content
  • Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Checklist
  • Surveys
  • Course Access


Why Should I Use This?

It is really important to your success to know where you are at in a course at all times.  This tool enables you to see not only your grade breakdowns, but estimates for your minimum and maximum overall grade.  All of this information gives you the information you need to have strong, beneficial conversations with your professor before it may be too late, to help you decide on future classes, to help ease your anxieties and keep you informed.  Even if you are taking a face-to-face class and not using Brightspace much, as long as your instructor is using the gradebook, you'll be able to still see a majority of this information.  Remember though, how much you can see and benefit from this tool depends on how much your grades and assignments are loaded into Brightspace by your professor.


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