My Recently Visited Services

This service can be used to ask for assistance when you are not sure which service to use.

Report issues with classroom Crestron technology

Request a new mailing list, or add/remove members of an existing mailing list.

Report projector screen issues in the classroom

Report issues with the Air Media streaming device in the classroom

Request Network Cable Management or Relocation.

Video is distorted in the classroom when using streaming services, ie: YouTube etc.

Use this request form to surrender campus-owned computers that are no longer being used.

Video Conference Technician will conduct a training session with user on their requested topics.

Request the move, swap or temporary relocation of campus-owned computers and/or peripherals.

Form for requesting data/phone line installation, moves, and repairs.

Report issues with Blu-ray player in the classroom

Request physical data jack installs and to configure IP addresses