Adding Special Access to a Quiz

For students that have accommodations or an excused absence and need additional times or to complete a quiz on a different date then scheduled, you can set up Special access to change the restrictions for one or multiple students. 

Quizzes: Special Access

  • Select Edit for the quiz you need to add Special Access
  • Under Availability Dates & Conditions select Manage Special Access Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • Select either Allow selected users special access to this quiz OR Allow only users with special access to see this quiz. Click the Add Users to Special Access button.
  • Set the new restrictions
    • As an example set the new start and end dates that will apply to the users
      Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • Set the users that should have the indicated access
  • Click Save

Once completed you will now have a confirmation with the special access that is granted. 

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

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