Employee Computer Accounts

Email, D2L Brightspace and Campus PC Access

All employees of the College are automatically provided with a computer account secured by a username and password which will provide access to the campus email system and D2L Brightspace. This same username and password must be used to gain access to any computer on the campus.

Your username, password and email address will be mailed to your home as soon as your computer account opens.

Generally computer accounts for all employees and persons performing job functions on the campus under a special contract or other agreement will open the morning after they are entered into the computer system, with an active status, by the Human Resources Office and remain open through their last day of employment. Computer accounts for new faculty assigned to teach courses on the master class schedule will open on the first day of student scheduling for the term. Computer accounts for faculty who are not returning in a subsequent term will close one year from the end date of the last term in which they taught.

You may access the campus email system and D2L Brightspace from the Faculty & Staff page.

It is the responsibility of your supervisor to designate the PC workstation on campus which is appropriate for your use and discuss with you how and when this PC workstation should be used depending upon your job responsibilities at the College.

Banner Web Access (WIReD) for Faculty

Faculty assigned to teach courses on the master class schedule will have web based access to review their own instructor schedule, class lists and enter midterm and final grades using the College’s Banner system. The username and password referenced above must be used for this purpose.

You may access Banner (WIReD) from the Faculty & Staff page.

Banner Student and College Business Records Access

Many College employees perform job functions which will require them to view and/or update student and College business records. These records are stored in the Banner system. An employee who requires computer access to these records will be informed of this by their immediate supervisor and the immediate supervisor will assist the employee with completion of the Banner Usercode Request Form. This form is available on the ITS Employee Resources pageNote: Academic advisors are the only faculty members who will need to complete this form since general faculty access to student records is automatically provided by Banner web (WIReD).

Name Changes

In the event that you have your name changed by the Human Resources Office in the future, your username will automatically change the morning after the Human Resources Office makes the change since your username is based upon your name. Your password will remain unchanged.

Technical Support

If you have any questions regarding access to College systems or computers which are not answered by this document or experience any problems with your username or password, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

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