Using Qwickly Course Tools

Qwickly can help manage multiple sections of course by allowing you to update items to all of your courses at one time. 

Accessing Qwickly

To get started select Faculty/Staff Resources and then Qwickly Course Tools from the HVCC homepage Nav Bar

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This will launch a new window, the first time you launch the application you will need to click Accept to allow Qwickly access to your courses


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Now you are ready to begin!

Tasks for Qwickly Course Tools

  • View and update Course Availability for your courses
    • Use the toggle buttons to set courses to Active or set to inactive if needed
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  • Check Links in the course to make sure they will work for students
    • Select the course(s) you want to check links in 
    • Qwickly will check for links created in content as links letting you know the link title in the course and the URL the link goes to 
    • Any links that give an error will be marked with a ? and clicking on that will let you know what the issue is with the linkUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • Post an Announcement to selected courses
  • Add An Event to the course calendar
  • Add Content to the course 
    • Content Page
    • Content Direct Link
    • Content File
  • Add an Assignment 
    • Note: When adding an assignment you will need to edit in each course what gradebook category the assignment should be in and any additional settings like adding Rubrics or TurnItIn to the assignment


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