Link Discussions to Grades

When a discussion post is linked to the gradebook there will be an icon on the topic that says "Includes assessment." If you intend to grade a topic but that is not there the following is how to add that topic to your gradebook. 

Example of a forum where topic 1 includes the assement and topic 2 does not

In the above example of a forum, Topic 1 has been added to the gradebook and Topic 2 is not  included in the gradebook.
The green arrow indicates where the "includes assessment" verbiage is located.

Linking a Discussion to a Grade Item

  • Open the Edit screen for the Topic you want to add to Grades
  • Click on the box below Grade Out Of and enter the number of points that topic will be worth
    Image highlighting where the Grade out of is located on the page
  • Once the points are entered click on the newly displayed link In Grade Book and select Edit or Link to Existing

    Note: If this is a discussion that should not be in grades and you want to remove the link to the grade item, select the option "Not in Grade Book" to unlink the discussion topic
  • On this screen you can confirm the name of the grade item, choose a grade category, or choose to link to an already existing grade item. 
    Note: You can only link to a grade item that is not already associated to a course activity.
    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • Click Ok to save your changes and return to the topic settings screen
  • Once you have confirmed that all of the settings are correct, click Save & Close


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