Best practices for use of Zoom as a synchronous course delivery tool

NOTE: It is suggested that you do not automatically record and save any Zoom meetings, per FERPA regulations and ADA requirements for captioning. A better way of recording, saving and adding closed captions to video content is to record using YuJa. If you do choose to record a Zoom session or part of a Zoom session, then it is advised that you import it into YuJa, add closed captions, and add it to your Brightspace course. There is no confirmed data that suggests recordings saved to the “Zoom cloud” will remain accessible, or for how long.

Information regarding Zoom and other remote instruction and FERPA:

Combining Sections into a Single Instructional Environment

With respect to FERPA and student privacy, combining instruction for multiple sections into a single Zoom session is prohibited. Students are not considered college officials, and therefore, cannot have a legitimate educational interest to know information pertinent to any other student including, but not limited to, which course(s) the student is taking. This concept is no different than having separate instructional environments for multiple online sections of the same course. To combine sections is a violation of the College’s FERPA Policy.

Protecting Your Instructional Environment

When using tools to provide remote instruction, protect the environment to the extent that you can. When using Zoom, be sure to send the link via HVCC e-mail or use the External Tool for Zoom within the Brightspace course so students must authenticate rather than posting the link publicly.

Utilizing Zoom through your HVCC Brightspace course may help you avoid “Zoom bombing” – when non-students enter your class. Here is an article from Zoom about ways to lock down your meeting to only your students – if you are interested in exploring any of these features, it is suggested that you practice with small groups of students or other faculty first, as some of them can make it more difficult for students themselves to get into their classes.


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