YuJa for Student Media Assignments

YuJa is an easy-to-use video creation and sharing platform with robust accessibility support for video content. It also has features for student engagement with quizzing, analytics, and more. You can also direct students to use the platform to either create recordings or upload recordings to share with the class via a specified course channel and sub-channel for each assignment. Great for: 

  • Student presentations  
  • Audio and video-only presentations 
  • Demonstration of a skill (bedside manner, playing an instrument, painting/drawing technique, pitching a business) 

Option 1: How to Set Up a Class Submission Channel 

The class/group channel and its contents are viewable by all enrolled users/students in the course. Course Groups/Channels are created automatically when you access YuJa from any course. 

Access and configure your media channel 

  • Accessing and Managing Media Channels 
  • Set up any sub-channels such as Student Submissions  
  • Configure Permissions for allowing students to publish to the course channel or any sub-channels you create
    • Navigate to YuJa Media Library from your course
    • Select the Main Menu tile icon (upper-right corner)
    • Choose Courses and Groups
    • Select the course group or sub-channel from the list that you want to allow publishing permissions to students 
    • Select the Edit button
    • Locate the “Student publishing to media channel” option
    • Choose either “Submit for approval” or “Allowed” to permit students to publish to the course channel or sub-channel 
      • If you select Submit for approval, you will have to approve the video before it is published on the channel 
    • Select Manage Media to navigate back to your library
    • You will need to create a Grade column(s) for any student who created and submitted media activities in your course to enter grade(s).

Additional Resources  

Option 2: How to Set Up a Media Assignment using Direct Link Submissions 

Creating an assignment in your course and having students submit a link only to a video or audio presentation in their own YuJa library. 

  • Create an assignment within your course.
  • Change the submission type to Text Submission
  • Include instructions on the assignment, presentation, or project requirements.
  • Include the steps for submitting by explaining how to locate the direct link for their YuJa media and copying the link(s).


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