Delete Grade Items

If you have extra items in your gradebook that are no longer used or are assignments that are not being used any more the following steps will help you remove those items from the gradebook

Identify Items to Delete

You can only remove items in the gradebook that are not associated with an activity in the course. To remove the gradebook item you will first need to remove the associated task. 

  • From your course select Grades

  • Click the link for the Manage Grades tab

  • Check the items you want for associations. If the item has an association you will need to remove that item in the tool indicated. 

    • In the example below the items in Red need to have associations removed from Assignments and Discussion's prior to removing those items. 

    • Clicking the (?) next to the association type will tell you the exact name of the item that needs to be disassociated

      Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Removing Associations

  • Go to Gradable Activities
  • Select the correct type of item
    • Discussions
    • Assignment
    • Quiz
  • Edit the Item and click on In Grade Book and select Not in Grade Book to remove the item from the Grade Book
    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • Do this for each item in the grade book that needs to be removed but is associated with a Gradable Activity

Delete Grade Items

  • Return to Grades

  • Click the link for the Manage Grades tab

  • Click on More Actions

    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

  • Check the boxes for the items you want to remove from Grades
    Any items with an association be be unable to be selected

  • Click the Delete button

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