IIT Change Management

IIT Change Management is defined as a means of making necessary and timely modifications to hardware, software, and services that help to drive and maintain the infrastructure.

Larger entities will have a governing body (Banner Steering, for instance) while most other forms of change may be driven by:

  • Academic or administrative needs
  • Security concerns
  • Maintenance windows
  • Timely upgrades/updates
  • Zero-day virus or malware (Zero-day is defined as an immediate real-time outbreak that has no immediate fix/repair available or is forthcoming.)

The above list is not exhaustive and is used to provide some basic examples of when change may need to be implemented.

All outcomes related to change management will be signed off by the CIO. The CIO may, based on need, delegate to other IIT management in cooperation with stakeholders who can best make decisions about changes and the change schedule because of their understanding of the business goals, as well as the technical and operational risks.

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