Finding Your Courses on Brightspace

Where are My Courses

Once signed on to Brightspace, you will see the courses available to you. Access to courses always begins the morning of the start date for the term you are registered for. Some, but not all, faculty may open their course(s) earlier.

Please note: It is up to your instructor to make a course available to students. All online and hybrid courses will use Brightspace and will be visible in the My Courses widget on Brightspace. If you are taking face-to-face or online remote courses and do not see them listed on Brightspace, please contact your instructor to verify they are using Brightspace with the class.

If you have courses in more than one semester, you can select the semester name and a blue bar will appear under the name of the semester you are looking at. In this example, “HVCC Training” is the selected semester.

My Courses widget with Semesters

Which Course is Which?

Courses follow a naming convention that, includes the semester, course name, course number, and section.

Course naming convention

How to Pin Courses

You can "pin" courses to access them quickly. Hover over the course you want to pin and locate a square that contains three dots. Then click to open the menu and choose Pin from the list. This will create a symbol of a thumb tack in the corner. It will also create a new tab at the top of the My Courses widget called "Pinned."


Ellipsis opens contextual menu displaying pin    Thumb tack icon and Pinned tab

Getting Into a Course

If you hover your cursor over the course name, it will become a link. Select the link and you will be taken to the Brightspace Landing Page for the course.

Course Title link

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