Mailing List Request

Use this service request to have a new mailing list created, or update the membership list of an existing mailing list.

Mailing lists are a good way to organize people who communicate often. There are 2 types of mailing lists available to request. Please take a moment to read about their differences before requesting a new list.

Distribution Lists

  • Hosted within Microsoft O365.
  • Members managed by IIT
  • All members must be internal (only college users)
  • The default email address syntax is:
  • May be visible or hidden from the Global Address List
  • Any college user may view the list of members

Listserv Lists

  • Members managed by IIT or Listserv owners
  • Members may be internal or external
  • Hidden from Global Address List by default. Additional steps must be taken to include it.
  • The default email address syntax is: (A custom email address of may be requested)
  • A subject prefix may be added to all list messages (Example: [Employees] Campus Chronicle)
  • Option to moderate messages to the list
  • Option to archive messages to the list
  • Self-subscription options

How To Request

Click the Request Service button and complete the request form.

Request Service


Service ID: 40753
Wed 11/20/19 12:55 PM
Thu 2/2/23 9:35 AM