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Printing System Facts:

  • Hudson Valley charges for student printing
  • All students enrolled in credit-bearing classes are granted an initial printing allowance
  • You can add funds easily with a credit card or cash
  • Better services for our students
  • Reduces waste and conserves energy
  • Secure release stations in open access areas means your documents are more secure
  • Web Print allows you to print PDFs and Office documents from anywhere

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The Balance Window
The Print Confirmation Window
Using the Release Stations
The User Web Interface
Web Print
Adding Funds to your Account
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Hudson Valley has implemented a pay-for-print system for students. The goal of this system is to reduce costs and consumption of paper, electricity, and supplies.

Students taking credit-bearing classes receive an initial allowance to use towards printing. Additional funds can be added to your account with a credit card or cash.

The system consists of the following components, described in detail on this page:

  • A confirmation dialog to show you costs before you print
  • Secure release stations (swipe your ID to print your document) in open access computer labs
  • Web Print to upload and print documents from home
  • A user web interface to manage your printing account

For specific details, see the Student Printing Policy

The Balance Window

In the system tray (lower right-hand corner of the screen), there should be a green icon with the letter “P”:

System tray icon

Click on this icon to bring up a window that shows the balance on your account.

Window showing account balance

This window also provides convenient access to the Student Printing Policy, and if you click on “Details…”, it will take you to the Print Services User Web Interface, where you can manage your printing account.

The Print Confirmation Window

After you print a document, you will see a “Print Confirmation” pop-up. Here you can confirm the cost of your print job before deciding whether or not you want to print it.

Print confirmation dialog showing document name, selected printer, number of pages, and cost

A notification balloon will appear letting you know that the document has printed and informs you of the amount of funds remaining in your account.

Notification balloon with balance

Using the Release Stations (Open Access Labs only)

In the open access computer labs in Marvin Library Learning Commons and Siek Campus Center, your print jobs will not print until you swipe your student ID card at a release station and “release” them to the printer. Your account is not charged until you release your document at the release station.

After confirming your print job, you will receive a notification stating that the document has been held.

Notification balloon stating document is held for release

Swipe your ID card or log in at the release station, and click the “Print” link next to the document name to print your document. Unprinted documents are purged after 24 hours.

The User Web Interface

You can manage your HVCC printing account with the Print Services Web Interface.

Web Interface login screen

You will receive a login prompt. Log in with your HVCC username and password (The same you would use for your email and logging in to campus computers)

Image showing the Web Interface



View the balance remaining on your account and your environmental impact.



See printing costs for printers around campus.


Jobs Pending Release

Print jobs that are held in a queue will be shown here. You must go to a release station to print these jobs. You may cancel print jobs from this view, or they will be purged after 24 hours.


Web Print

Upload Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point, and Adobe PDF documents for printing and retrieval at any release station on campus. Upload your document from home and pick it up when you are on campus!


Add Credit

Add funds to your account with a credit card.


Student Print Policy

View the new student printing policy.



View this help page


Log Out

Log out of the Web Interface


Web Print

With Web Print, you can upload your documents for printing from anywhere and print them on campus… Simply come to campus within 24 hours of uploading the document, swipe your ID card at a release station, and retrieve your document!

The following file formats can be uploaded for Web Print:

  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft XPS

Here’s how to get started:

Log into the Print Services Web Interface. Select “Web Print” on the left-hand side of the screen; then click on the “Submit a Job” link shown below.

Web Print screen showing any submitted Web Print jobs

Now, select the printer you would like to print to, based on whether you want color or black & white, singled sided or duplex. Remember, there is a 25% discount for duplex printing.

Click the “Print Options and Account Selection” button to proceed to the next step.

Web Print printer selection screen

If you would like more than one copy, change the number as appropriate.

Click the “Upload Document” button to select your file to upload.

Web Print options screen showing number of copies to print

Click the “Choose” button to browse to the location of the file to upload.

Finally, click the “Upload & Complete” button to upload the document for printing.

Your document will be held in the print queue until you release it at a release station. Remember that if you selected a color printer, you will only be able to release it at a color printer release station.

Web Print file selection screen showing valid file types for upload 


Adding Funds to your Account


At a Pay Station (cash)

Cash payments (bills and coins) are accepted at the self-service Pay Stations located on the entry level of the Marvin Library Learning Commons and in the Siek Campus Center Computer Cafe.


At the Cashier’s office (cash)

Cash payments will be accepted at the Cashier’s Office (Guenther Enrollment Services Center, room 125).


Through the Web Interface (credit card)

To make a credit card payment, log in to the Print Services Web Interface.

Select “Add Credit” from the menu on the left-hand side of the page; then select the amount you would like to add ($1-$30) and click the “Continue” button.

Add credit screen showing username, account balance, and amount of funds to add

Fill in your credit card information and click the “Continue” button.

Credit card information screen

Fill in the Billing Information section, and then select “I Authorize this Transaction.” You will have an opportunity to confirm the information before the payment is submitted.

Billing information screen

On the confirmation page that follows, verify the information is correct and select “Submit Transaction for Processing” to make the payment.

If the transaction was successful, you will receive a receipt and reference number. You will also be emailed a record of the transaction at the email address you provided.


How to Get Help

If you require assistance, contact the Computer Learning Center Help Desk.

Location: Lower level of Marvin Library Learning Commons
Phone: (518) 629-7891


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