Accessing the (G:) Drive

The Common (G:) Drive is used by faculty to store files for student retrieval. To retrieve a file you must know the path to the file (which folders to open). This path would be given to you by your course instructor.

Accessing From a Personal Device

To access the Common (G:) Drive from your personal device, follow the instructions for Accessing Network Shares/Drives Off Campus.

Accessing From a Campus Computer

Log on to any student computer and left-click the Start button at the bottom left of your desktop, then left-click File Explorer from the menu that displays.

Start button and File Explorer

The Computer window showing all drives, including common (G:) drive will open. Locate common (G:) drive and double click.

Computer window will show all drives, including (G:)

A window will open revealing the contents of common (G:) drive. Notice the Address bar indicates your current location as (G:) drive.

File explorer shows contents of (G:) drive

Locate the file you need by selecting and opening folders according to the path provided by your instructor or the destintion you wish to reach. For example, if you wanted to retrieve the architect_controller file, you would need to know the following path: (G:) drive -> Art Gallery folder -> Flash SWF folder -> Architect folder. The Address bar, shown in the figure, indicates this path.

(G:) drive -> Art Gallery folder -> Flash SWF folder -> Architect path

The files you select will open in the appropriate application as Read-Only. You will see [Read-Only] after the name of the file in the title bar of the application. You have the ability to print this file but if you wish to edit the file or make changes, you must save a copy of the file to your (H:) drive.

To save the file to your (H:) drive:

  • Click File
  • Click the Save As button on the resulting Info page
  • On the Save as Window, click the Browse button to open the Save as window
  • Navigate to your (H:) drive and to the folder where you want to save the file
  • If you wish to change the name of the file type an appropriate name in the File name field
  • Click the Save button

You now have ownership of this copy of the file and can edit as you wish.

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