Accessing Your (H:) Drive

When you log on to any student computer on campus you connect your (H:) Drive automatically.

You are provided with 1 GB of storage space. You are responsible for organizing its contents and ensuring that you do not exceed the storage allocation. If you exceed the space allocation you will receive an error message when you attempt to log in. If this happens, or if you have any questions regarding your (H:) Drive, contact a staff member at the Computer Learning Center Help Desk in the lower level of Marvin Library.

Accessing From a Personal Device

To access your (H:) Drive from your personal device, follow the instructions for Accessing Network Shares/Drives Off Campus.

Accessing Your (H:) Drive On Campus

Log on to any student computer and left-click the Start button at the bottom left of your desktop. Left-click File Explorer when the start menu displays. (Alternatively, you can hold down the windows key on your keyboard and press 'E' to reach the next step as a shortcut)

NOTE: If you delete a file from your (H:) Drive, it may be permanently lost. Please use caution when manipulating files from your (H:) Drive.

Start Button, File Explorer

The Computer window showing all drives, including your (H:) Drive will open. The example shown below in Figure 2 shows the (H:). Double click the (H:) Drive icon to view all the folders and files on your (H:) Drive.

(H:) drive listed among available drives in file explorer

View all folders/files in (H:) drive

Saving to Your (H:) Drive On Campus

You can save your work to the (H:) drive from any of the applications available in the Academic Computing Environment (ACE). It is advisable on a network system to save your work immediately when you open a new file.

For a new file click the File tab and then click Save from the menu. An example, using Microsoft Word. (You could also click the Save icon on the Quick Access toolbar)

File, Save in MS Word

Selecting Save will display the window, shown in Figure 4 below. The default will be the Documents folder located on your (H:) Drive. If this is the folder you wish to save the file to, type an appropriate name for the file in the File name field and click the Save button.

Save As window with Documents on (H:) as default

If you wish to save a file to an existing folder other than the Documents folder on your (H:) Drive do the following:

  • Locate and click your username (\\storage (H): in the folder list on the left of the Save window (you may need to scroll down to see (H:) Drive)
  • You will see the contents (folders/files) of your (H:) drive in the view pane on the right
  • Double click to open the folder you wish to save in
  • Type an appropriate name in the File name field and optionally you may change the file type with the Save as type drop down
  • Click the Save button

Type a name in the file name field and change the file type

If you wish to create a new folder to save to, right-click the white area in the box and choose New->Folder as shown in Figure 6 below. A New folder is created which you can name. Type an appropriate name for the New folder and click the Open button. Continue to save the document by typing an appropriate name in the File name field and clicking the Save button as described above.

Create a New Folder before saving

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