Prepare Your Course Checklist

Every course or lab section on the master schedule has a corresponding Brightspace course shell created automatically. These courses are empty and require that you copy your course content from a previous course into the new course, or create new content each term. Additionally, each term you will need to edit your course content availability dates, due dates, syllabus, full course schedule, etc. Below is a checklist of important items to edit as you prepare to teach in the next term.

Prepare Your Course Checklist

Yes  /  No Have you Copied Your Course into the New Course Shell?
Yes / No Have you checked your course landing page "Tile" order?
Yes / No Have you revised the Due Dates in Your Course Schedule and Syllabus?
Yes / No Have you revised your Contact Information and Office hours?
Yes / No Have you revised Availability and Due Dates on your content, assignments, quizzes, etc.?
Yes / No Have you checked that Website Links work in your course content?
Yes / No Have you made the First Week of Course Content and Work Available, including Quizzes, Tests, or Assignments?
Yes / No Have you Recreated or Deleted old Announcements?
Yes / No Have you Removed Grade Book columns that are no longer in use? Is your Grade Book correctly configured?
Yes / No Have you Removed the old Discussion messages in the new course?
Yes / No Have you Reconnected media files and confirmed links point to the correct materials – YuJa, VoiceThread, YouTube, library platforms used, etc.?
Yes / No Have you Configured or Reconnected Publisher content and confirmed links point to the correct materials?
Yes / No Have you Made Your New Course Active (visible) to students? Note: courses are available to students 30 days before the start date for the corresponding term.

Check the Knowledge Base for more Brightspace Help and Tutorials.

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