Signing an Electronic Form


You may receive an email requesting your signature on an electronic form. You will need to select the View & Sign Document link to review the form, fill out any fields required, and sign electronically.

If you are unsure of the legitimacy of a signature request email you received, you may contact the department that requested it or the ITS Help Desk to verify that it is safe to interact with.

Another way to check and see if a signature request is valid, is to log into the DynamicForms User Dashboard Pending Forms view. The dashboard will show you all the forms you have created and the ones that are waiting on you to sign. On the far right column, you can select the Action button which will display a Complete Form option if the form is waiting for your signature.

Returning for Revision

If a form that you have been requested to sign has incorrect information filled out, you may Return for Revision instead of signing. This will return the form to the initiator (or the participant of your choice) to correct. Once the initiator has made the correction and re-signed, the new version of the form must be re-signed by any participants that may have signed before you.





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Wed 5/19/21 8:32 AM