Wireless Setup for Chromebooks

If you are a current Hudson Valley Community College student or employee you may connect a chromebook to the wireless network using the following steps:

Step 1

Locate the Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi) icon in the bottom right and left-click the icon.


Step 2

If Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi) is turned off, left-click Turn on Wi-Fi on...


Step 3

The networks available window will now display. Clicking No network > will display a list of available networks.


Step 4

Left-click HVCC-COMM from the list of available networks. The Join Wi-Fi network window should now display.

* If it does not display, left-click Settings... in the bottom right after selecting HVCC-COMM.


Step 5

Use the following settings shown below in the Join Wi-Fi network window:

  • EAP Method: Select PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: Select MSCHAPv2
  • Server CA certificate: Select Do not check
  • Subject Match: Leave this field blank
  • User certificate: Make sure None installed is selected
  • Identity: Your HVCC username
  • Password: Your HVCC password
  • Anonymous identity: Leave this field blank

Uncheck the Save identity and password checkbox

Lastly, left-click connect in the bottom right


Step 6

Once completed, wait a few moments while your chromebook connects.

If you left-click the Wi-Fi icon in the bottom right, it should now say Connected to HVCC-COMM and the Wi-Fi icon will display white bars denoting signal strength.




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Wed 5/12/21 3:56 PM