Make a Course Active to Students (available)


Make your course available to students.


Bulk Set Courses to Active

Using Qwickly Course Tools you can view all of your courses to set them to active in Bulk. For more information please see: Using Qwickly Course Tools

Setting an Individual Course to Active

  • In order for students to be able to access a course in Brightspace, instructors will need to make the course "Active." Courses that are not currently available to students will have an indicator that the course shell is "Inactive" on the tile for that course. 

    My Courses widget with Inactive Courses
  • To make the course available to students (Active), hover your mouse over the tile for the course in the My Courses widget on the HVCC Landing page, click on the ellipsis (...) in the upper right corner of the tile, and select "Course Offering Information"

    Ellipsis on Course Tile and Course Offering Information on menu

  • On the Course Offering Information page, scroll down to the "Active" section
  • Check the box in front of "Course is active"

    Course is active check box checked

  • DO NOT adjust any other settings, they are controlled by the SIS Banner process
  • Select the Save button
  • The "Inactive" status indicator is no longer displaying on the Course Offering tile

    Course Tile with the Inactive indicator no longer displayed

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: you may see a slight delay with a course switching from Inactive to Active.



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