D2L Course Shell Migration

Faculty may request their Blackboard course shells be migrated to D2L Brightspace.

Blackboard to D2L Brightspace: Migration and Conversion Process

1. Faculty must export and import their content into the D2L Migration Course Shell on Blackboard

2. Faculty must submit request through TeamDynamix ticketing system

Using the D2L Course Migration Request form, faculty will identify the migration shells that are ready to be moved to the D2L Brightspace LMS.


2. DL staff will export the migration shell and update the ticket

Migration shells must be cleared of large media files that need to be in the streaming platforms (YuJa, VoiceThread, YouTube, other…). Media files will not be moved in migration shells.

3. DL staff will SFTP files for conversion

The conversion process is conducted in small batches, runs overnight, and places content in a staging area not accessible to faculty. Once converted, DL staff will check for technical difficulties in the course conversion process. The conversion process is completed manually and can take several days (more during high volume help desk times) to complete after you submit your ticket request.  

4. DL Staff will move converted course content to Brightspace ZZZ areas for faculty access

  • Faculty will be notified with an update on their TeamDynamix ticket that course is ready to view
  • Faculty will be provided with login information to view zzz area and content
  • A checklist for review will be provided
  • Faculty will review content and report any problems with an update on the TeamDynamix ticket (for example: missing content, corrupted files, math notation issues, etc.)
  • If no issues, faculty will indicate content approved on their TeamDynamix ticket

5. DL Staff will send faculty “Next Steps and Clean-up” Checklist

Faculty will be able to decide on their strategy for rebuilding courses. Those who have done migration preparation and have combined duration and modality of each course will be able to clean up their course in D2L Brightspace once and build all their courses from this base. Those who did not will need to clean up each converted course individually. During training, faculty can confer with their Instructional Designer on how to most efficiently prepare their new course builds in D2L Brightspace.

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