Install and Configure Oracle SQL Developer


The Oracle SQL Developer tool allows you to connect to Oracle over the network and provides a graphical interface to manage your databases and their tables. These instructions touch on the basic installation and setup. Any other details will be provided by your instructor.

If you are using SQL Developer in an ACE classroom or open access lab, you can skip to Step 4.

Step 1

Due to licensing restrictions for the software, you will need to create an Oracle account to download the software.

This installation will require the use of a Java SDK (the JRE is not enough). If you do not have a JDK already installed you can download one here. Be sure to click the JDK link.

Mac users: can open a terminal window and run the command javac which should force OS/X to look for the most recent JDK to download and install.

Step 2

Download the appropriate version of SQL developer for your platform located here and proceed with the installation for your specific operating system.

Be sure to review the installation notes provided for your specific platform.

Step 3

Once installed, run the SQL Developer application which may prompt you for the location of your Java JDK. An example path may be:

Oracle Developer Java Path

which was obtained by browsing like so:

Oracle Developer Java Path

Step 4

Once developer is started, create a new connection here:

Oracle Developer New Connection

You will need to fill in a value for the name of the connection, your username and password (as provided by your instructor), the name of the server as and the SID of hvccace.

A completed form will look something like this which also shows a successful test of the connection:

Oracle Developer New Connection Filled In



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