Accessing Student Computer Systems


Username and Password

You will be expected to use several computer systems as a Hudson Valley Community College student. You will be provided with a username and password to access the following systems: the Academic Computer Environment (ACE), Brightspace, email, Flexible Registration and WIReD.

For help identifying and/or troubleshooting your username and password, visit Student Username and Password Help.

ACE (Academic Computing Environment)

The ACE recognizes you as a valid user of college computer systems and allows you to access all software used in your courses and the following systems: Brightspace, email, and WIReD.

You can access any PC provided for students on campus in Computer Learning Center, classrooms, laboratories, study centers and at the library by logging in with your valid username and password. Login with your username & password.

For help using your ACE account, speak directly with a person available to assist students in the Computer Learning Center. You also can visit the Computer Learning Center Webpage, email, or call the "help desk" line at (518) 629-7891.

Storage Space: A minimum of 1 GB personal storage space on H: drive is provided to each student to save files to. You have access to this space anywhere you log on, on campus. For most ACE applications, Save or Save As… will direct a file to the My Documents folder in your H: drive space. It is up to you to maintain this space. You may create folders to manage your files. Students should save files or create new folders at the root (/) level of their H: drive or save to the My Documents folder.

For instructions on how to access your files from off campus visit Accessing Network Shares/Drives Off Campus.

Software Applications:Select the start button, then "All apps" to view all of the applications available. Microsoft Office 2016 Professional products (Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, Access 2016 and many others) can be found within the "All apps" menu.


D2L's Brightspace LMS is the college’s secure online source for online, hybrid, and web-enhanced courses.

To access Brightspace and your courses, go to the Hudson Valley Community College home page ( and select the Students link then the D2L Brightspace link. Log in with your email and password. Once you’ve logged in, you will have access to your courses.

For help with Brightspace see the Student Brightspace Help Pages


Email is used to send and receive messages to and from your instructor or other students. The format of your email address format is: In the above examples, Jane Smith’s email address will be and Joseph Smith’s email address will be

You can access WebMail one of two ways: go to or go to the Hudson Valley Community College home page ( select the Students link then select the WebMail link. Login with your username and password.

For help using email, visit the Computer Learning Center in the lower level of the Marvin Library or email

WIReD (Web Information and Registration Direct)

WIReD allows you to access your personal information, to view a schedule of classes, to pay your bill, to view your grades or transcript, to register for classes, and to review your financial aid and account status.

You can access WIReD two ways: go to or go to the Hudson Valley Community College home page ( and select the “Current Students” link then select “Continue to WIReD Homepage”. Login with your username and password.

For help in using WIReD, visit the Registration Information Center in the Registrar’s Office; contact the center directly at (518) 629-7700; or via email at



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