How to Log In/Off of Campus Computers


If you are a current Hudson Valley Community College employee you may log into a computer on campus by following the instructions below.

Log In

  1. Start the computer and wait for the log in page to appear. Once it does, left single click the Citrix Workplace icon ( Citrix Workplace Icon ) located next to the clock in the lower center of the screen.

    Please note: It is very important to only single click as clicking more than once will open multiple connections to your desktop.

    Citrix Desktop Pre Login

    Citrix Workplace Icon Menu Bar
  2. Enter your Hudson Valley user name and password into the available fields and click OK to log in.

    Login Box

    Once you click Log On, you will be taken to your desktop within Citrix.


Disconnecting will save your current session so that you will be able to reconnect to the same session from another computer.

Any disconnected session will be automatically logged off:

  • After 24 hours for Office machines
  • After 2 hours for ACE machines.

To disconnect, you must locate the disconnect button ( )  and left click it, which will be found in any of the following locations:

  • In the Windows Taskbar on the bottom left of the screen or the desktop shortcut icon located on your desktop (location may vary per user as to where on your desktop).
  • Windows Task Bar

  • In the Windows Start Menu ( Windows Start Menu ), under the HVCC folder.
    To disconnect:
    • Left click the disconnect button ( Disconnect button ) to be disconnected from your current session
  • Windows Start Menu HVCC Folder

    Then click Yes when prompted to Disconnected:

    Sign Prompt

Log Off

Logging off will end your session and any unsaved work will be lost.

To log off, you may do one of two actions:

  1. Right click the Windows Start Menu ( Windows Start Menu ), then left click the user icon ( User Icon ) , and finally left click the sign out button ( Sign Out ).

    Sign out of Profile


Restart or Shut Down

You may want to restart or shut down the computer itself.

Left click the HVCC Logo ( HVCC Icon ) from the Main Menu Bar, select the option you wish, then confirm.


Citrix Desktop Pre Login

Citrix Workplace Icon Menu BarPower options




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