IIT and Distance Learning LMS SLA


1 – General Overview

This is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) campus community and the Instructional and Information Technology (IIT) to document:

  • Services for the HVCC Learning Management System (LMS).
  • The general levels of response, availability, and maintenance associated with LMS services.
  • The responsibilities of IIT as a provider of LMS services.
  • The role of Distance Learning staff as support providers of LMS services.
  • The responsibilities of the clients receiving LMS services.
  • Processes for requesting services on existing LMS facilities.
  • Deviations from the standard processes documented in the IIT Campus SLA.

This Agreement is valid from May 2023. Review is every two years or as otherwise needed.

2 – Service Description

The LMS provides an online presence for academic and administrative services.

The provisioning and management of LMS resources is a best effort to provide the customer with the tools for an online experience with sufficient resources for optimal performance and stability.

2.1 – Service Scope

ITS provides LMS services that include:

  • Operating System maintenance.
  • Product upgrade and maintenance.
  • DBA support.
  • LMS level backup and restore procedures.
  • User, course and organization management.
  • Module creation and maintenance.
  • Liaison with external publishers.

2.2 – Service Level Performance

Support response times will be tracked and reported as part of the IIT Campus SLA.

2.3 – Assumptions

  • IIT works closely with Distance Learning in all aspects of technical support for LMS.
  • IIT operates as a Level 2 support agent. Level 1 services are provided by members of the Distance Learning staff.
  • IIT public notifications are in accordance with the Blackboard Notification Procedure.

3 – Roles and Responsibilities

3.1 ITS Responsibilities

  • Operate a reliable, robust and redundant infrastructure to provide a minimum uptime level of 99%.
  • Meet response times associated with the priority assigned to incidents and service requests.
  • Post scheduled maintenance on the IIT Maintenance Calendar.

3.2 Distance Learning Responsibilities

3.3 – Customer Responsibilities

  • Adherence to IIT Policies and Procedures that address the handling of restricted and sensitive data over the wired and wireless network.
  • Reasonable availability of customer representative(s) when resolving an incident or service request.
  • Contacting the IIT CIO for additions or changes in established service levels.

4 – Requesting Service

See the IIT Campus SLA.

5 – Hours of Coverage, Response Times & Escalation

See the IIT Campus SLA.

6 – Maintenance and Service Changes

See the IIT Campus SLA.

7 – Reviewing and Reporting

7.1 – System Performance and Availability Reporting

LMS outages are recorded in the Web Services Log and additionally reported based on the Blackboard Notification Procedure.

7.2 – SLA Reviews

The Designated Review Owner is responsible for facilitating regular reviews of this document. Contents of this document may be amended as required, provided mutual agreement is obtained from the primary stakeholders and communicated to all affected parties. The Document Owner will incorporate all subsequent revisions and obtain mutual agreements /approvals as required.

Designated Review Owners:
Kathy Petley, VP of Institutional Effectiveness, and Technology
Bill Jojo, CIO
Elissa Baker, Director for Distance and Online Learning

Previous Review Date: May 2023
Next Review Date: May 2025



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