IIT Unplanned Outage and Incident Reporting


The IIT Unplanned Outage and Incident Reporting is an Escalation Process for communication and teamwork during an unplanned outage.

Since unplanned outages require quick attention, all that is initially required is an immediate notification to (518)-629-7311 and follow the prompts.

The following are details that define what happens during an unplanned outage:

  • The IIT Business Continuity Plan will be invoked to assess the immediate impact and planning.
  • All unplanned outages are considered incidents and an incident report will record the impact and status update of the outage.
  • All subsequent communication will occur within the IIT incident report, including outage status updates and resolution once service has been restored.
  • Unplanned outages may not result in a service disruption due to the number of redundancies in place.
  • If the outage occurs after regular business hours (4:30 PM to 8 AM) or on weekends, the reporter will be asked for a contact number should additional information be needed. This is recommended for all outages and mandatory for a Service Disruption.

Service Disruption

If an unplanned outage affects:

  • An essential or necessary service (Network, Email, Calendar, Wireless, Website, Phones, Identity Management, etc.)
  • A high impact system (LMS, Banner, WIReD, Unimarket, etc.) that affects the campus, and is down and unavailable and/or otherwise disrupts campus business processes

the outage is considered a Service Disruption and the following will occur:

  • The IIT Business Continuity Plan will be invoked to restore services affected by the unplanned outage.
  • Designate an Incident Coordinator (typically an IIT manager) if one has not already been assigned.
  • Campus notification and updates via email (typically done through the Incident Reporting Service) on the status of the incident and anticipated resolution time.

IIT should always be contacted at (518) 629-7311 following the prompts provided. It is important to stay on the line when calling after hours since the calls will roll over to appropriate support personnel. When this does occur, the person taking the call will know the next step necessary to continue the incident escalation.

IT Disaster

If a service disruption is an essential campus service or system that is down and unavailable with no estimated time of restoration, or there is an outage of a system that prevents instruction (when classes are in session), the outage is considered an IT Disaster. The IIT Disaster Plan will then be invoked.



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