Brightspace FAQs


Getting Started

The college's secure Learning Management System is powered by D2L's Brightspace and is your source for online, hybrid courses and more.

How do I access Brightspace?

To access Brightspace, you must:

  • Be an employee or registered student of Hudson Valley Community College;
  • Have a personal computer/Mac/laptop system that meets the minimum requirements;
  • Have an internet connection;
  • Know the URL:

What should I do if I cannot log in?

Read the Common Log in Problems section of this page

Can I log in as a guest?

No, we do not allow guest access.

When is Brightspace available?

Brightspace is continuously available.

Why is it important that I log out when I am finished?

You must log out when you are finished to prevent others from viewing your personal information. To log out, click on your name in the upper right corner and choose Log Out from the menu.

Common Log In Problems

Some common reasons for not being able to log in to Brightspace are:

  • You are entering the wrong email or password. For example:
    • You do not include the for your email and only use the username (j-doe) 
    • The caps lock is turned on, and incorrect case characters are being supplied.

    Visit Accessing Student Computer Systems for information about your username and password.

  • You have JUST registered. Your student account is not active immediately. You should have access within 24 hours after enrolling for courses.
  • You have a Pop-Up Blocker configured. Some of the college’s Web services will launch a new Web browser for certain interactive tools or course content.
    • If a pop-up blocker is configured, it can prevent tools and/or content from being displayed properly. You may have to temporarily disable the pop-up blocker while using Hudson Valley Community College’s Web services.
  • You have a Firewall configured.
    • Personal firewalls such as those found within the Windows operating system could prevent content from displaying. If you are having trouble accessing content, you should check the personal firewall settings. Contact your firewall vendor for assistance with configuration.
    • Corporate firewalls such as those found at banks or government agencies could prevent content from displaying. If your company has a firewall preventing you from accessing content, you would need to contact the System Administrator of your workplace to see if granting access to this content is possible.
  • A system-wide outage has occurred. In this case, communication will be made to the campus community.

If you are still having trouble logging in, you should contact the Distance and Online Learning Help Desk at (518) 629-7070.



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