VoiceThread Mobile App Configuration


Mobile App Set-Up & Instructions

To use VoiceThread on a mobile device, you will need to configure the device for use with the HVCC version of the tool.

  1. Get the VoiceThread Mobile App for your device from your device app store
  2. Open the App
  3. Choose "Sign in with institution"
  4. Enter "Hudson Valley Community College - SUNY" in the search filed and then select it from the search menu
  5. Choose the edit icon next to "Your current sign-in method is"
  6. Select "D2L" from the menu
  7. Click "Sign in"
  8. Select "Network Login" (purple button)
  9. Select Campus: "Hudson Valley"
  10. Click Login button
  11. Enter your HVCC username and password
  12. Navigate to the VoiceThread in your course, and select the link to view or comment.




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