Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Setup & FAQ

Important Note: As of Oct. 14, 2021 MFA is currently optional for college employees. It will become mandatory by the end of Oct. 2021. Please check the Campus Chronicle and employee email for updates.

Initial setup of MFA on your Microsoft Office 365 college account

  1. Visit in a web browser.
  2. Sign into your organizational account with your college username and password. If you are already logged in on the browser you will skip this step.
  3. A More information required screen will appear. Select Next.
  4. On the Additional Security Verification screen you will select how you would like to receive your security codes. It is strongly recommended to use the Mobile app and the instructions will continue to follow using that option.
    • Select Mobile app from the How should be contact you? drop down menu.
    • Select Receive notifications for verification in the How do you want to use the mobile app? section.
  5. Select Set Up.
  6. On the Configure mobile app screen, follow the instructions provided there to install the Microsoft authenticator app on your phone. Once the app displays a size-digit code, select Next.

  7. On the Additional Security Verification screen you will need to select Approve on the notification you will receive on your mobile device. Your web browser will automatically move to the next step.

  8. Enter your mobile phone number as a secondary/backup MFA option. This must be a mobile phone number that can receive text messages. Select Next.

  9. Your Microsoft MFA setup is complete! You will be brought to your MFA settings page and may adjust your settings further if you prefer to.

Updating your MFA settings

To configure additional MFA options or to reconfigure your MFA setup, visit in a web browser and sign in with your college account. An Additional security verification screen will display with all of your MFA settings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


My mobile device is not a smartphone, will it still work for MFA?

Yes, during MFA setup you can enter a phone number to receive verification test messages or phone calls. We recommended setting up both your office desk phone number and a secondary personal phone number.


I don't have any mobile devices, can I still use MFA?

Yes, you can enter your office desk phone number to receive verification phone calls as well as a home land line phone number. We recommended setting up both your office desk phone number and a secondary personal phone number.


Is it safe to use my personal mobile device or home phone with MFA?

Yes, it is safe. There is no data or login information transmitted during MFA, just a verification code.


I work for more than one college that uses Microsoft Office365, will MFA at Hudson Valley be an issue?

No, the Microsoft Authenticator can have multiple connections without any issue. Having MFA at Hudson Valley has no effect on other college authentication methods.


Will I need to use MFA to sign into my new Yealink Teams Office Desktop Phone?

No, you will not need to use MFA to sign into your office desk phone. You will, however, need to use MFA to sign into the Teams application on your computer.


What happens if I do not have access to any of my registered MFA devices?

Contact the ITS Help Desk. They will open a support ticket to have MFA reset on your account. Once the MFA has been reset, on your next login to Office365 you will be required to set up a new MFA device.


Can I set up more than one authentication method?

Yes, and we strongly recommend you do so! You can set up multiple phone numbers and smart devices with Microsoft Authenticators.


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