VPN Connection Setup for Mac

Download the VPN Installation File

Please download the VPN installation zip file.

Once the download has completed, navigate to the file in Finder.  Right-click the file and select Open to unzip. You should now have a file named HVCC-VPN.mobileconfig.

Install the VPN

  1. Open the HVCC-VPN.mobileconfig file.
  2. Select Continue on the next two screens that ask you if you want to install "HVCC-VPN".

    First screen asking for confirmation of installation

    Second screen asking for confirmation of installation
  3. On the Enter Settings for "HVCC-VPN" screen, enter your college username and then select Install.

    HVCC-VPN installation settings screen
  4. If your Mac presents the Profiles wants to make changes screen, enter your Mac password and select Ok.
  5. You should now have a Profiles window open with a device profile of HVCC-VPN selected. When you are ready to connect to the VPN, follow the next steps below.

Connect to the VPN

  1. Navigate to Network Preferences
    • If you still have the Profiles window open from the previous installation steps, select the left (back) arrow at the top left of the window to return to System Preferences then select the Network icon in the 3rd row.
    • If you do not have the Profiles window open, select the Apple Icon in the top left corner of your Mac, select System Preferences from the drop down menu, then select the Network icon in the 3rd row.
  2. In the Network Preferences window, select HVCC-VPN from the list of network connections on the left.
  3. Check the box for Show VPN status in menu bar. This will allow you connect and disconnect from the VPN through a dedicated icon in your menu bar.

    Network settings screen for HVCC-VPN
  4. Select Connect. Enter your college username and password in the VPN Connection window then select OK.

    VPN connection window
  5. You are now connected! To disconnect, select the new VPN icon in your top menu bar. You may also re-connect from this same icon.

    VPN icon in top menu bar


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